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About Us

Humanitas Afrika is an NGO founded by some Africans and Czechs in the year 2000 in Prague.

Its aim is to promote awareness, understanding, respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence between Africans living in the Czech Republic and the Czechs, as well as with other cultures.

To achieve this goal, Humanitas Afrika organizes various projects and activities:

- Program “Window to Africa” providing workshops for schools in the Czech Republic

- Yearly cultural celebrations: Africa Day, Black History Month

- Cultural events in collaboration with other ethnic minorities, participation in festivals, etc.

- African Information Centre providing information and library services on and about Africa to the public, collaboration with public libraries in the Czech Republic

-  Projects in Africa: sponsorship of the education of disadvantaged children in rural communities and urban slum areas, women empowerment through micro-credit scheme in rural communities.

With the African afternoon in schools, members of the organization visit schools in Prague and other cities and towns to share knowledge, positive information and project good and credible image about Africa and Africans in the Czech Republic.

In 2002, Humanitas Afrika initiated the celebration of Africa Day in the Czech Republic in collaboration with African embassies and UNICEF. The story on that event was published that same year in July/August edition of New African, a London based international magazine. The organization again introduced the celebration of Black History Month in 2004, in which subsequent celebrations we collaborated with the US Embassy in Prague.  In 2005, it launched a pioneering project called African Information Centre which also doubles as a library. The center offers credible and well-balanced literature on and about Africa for all interested persons in the Czech Republic. In 2011 to mark the “International Year for the People of African Descent” declared by the United Nations, it organized a series of events. In that context, it has planned among others an African-Caribbean Evening (25 June 2011) under the auspices of the president of the Czech Commission for UNESCO.

Humanitas Afrika also organizes “Across Africa”, a series of discussion evenings on current affairs on and about the African continent and African diaspora.

In trying to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization, it collaborates and works with Czech government bodies, African embassies to the Czech Republic, UN institutions and other institutions as well as the citizenry.

Humanitas Afrika is thus the leading, long existing, well respected and properly constituted African organization in the Czech Republic.