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!!! Kafé Afrika was closed and its operations terminated in 2016.

Kafé Afrika

Training Cafe to Integrate African Immigrants and Refugees

In July 2013, Humanitas Afrika opened its training cafe Kafé Afrika on Vojtěšská Street in Prague 1.  The aim of the project is to create jobs for immigrants and refugees from African countries who are disadvantaged in finding employment due to lack of prior work experience in the local market, unrecognized education, lack of knowledge of the Czech language, discrimination and prejudice on the part of employers.  These disadvantages create a vicious circle, which results in their inability to find work as well as assimilate into Czech society.

The cafe and restaurant while presenting African culture and gastronomy also gives the immigrants and refugees work through serving as waiters or waitresses or assisting in the kitchen.

Work-Training Program

One of the key activities of the project is the preparation and implementation of the work-training program, which will allow the group to acquire skills leading to success on the labor market and job retention. Among other equally important activities that are part of the preparation of project participants will be language courses and workshops in soft skills.

The project entails training a total of 18 Africans with six trainees for six months and then a new set of trainees will enter the program.  Each participant of the project who completes the training program will receive a certificate attesting to the length of their professional experience and the skills they mastered.

The cafe functions as a social business with the profits being reinvested back into the sustainability of the training program.

The project was supported by funds from the Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability.


Kafé Afrika
Vojtěšská 241/9
110 00 Praha 1

The project Kafé Afrika – training café for work integration of African immigrants was supported by Prague - Adaptability Operation Programme which is co-financed by the European Social Fund.


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