Vocational Training in 2012


Humanitas Afrika supports not only primary school children but also a few young people who have decided to learn a trade. Most of them are being trained under a master or a mistress and it usually takes three years to prepare them for their occupation. Recently, they have sent us some few pictures. Take a look at Esther, Anani, Denise and Bright who are benefiting from the sponsorship programme supported by our Czech patrons. Most patrons have been supporting these young people since their primary school years. Esther has also written a very nice letter to her supporter:

I am very glad and so excited to write to you about the date and agreement signed before I started learning hairdressing.

How are you? I hope the almighty father is taking good care of you as I am also doing fine here by his grace. The date I started leasing hairdressing was 16th May 2010. God almighty has been so good to me that I live with the madam in the same house and the distance between the house and the saloon is about 50 meters, so it motivates me to go to work early.

My madam is lovely and caring woman. Now the agreement signed between me and my madam is for three years (3years) in order for me to know the work well. So now I am in one year nine months.

I will end here with many greetings to you and your family.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Okyere Esther.