Goodwill and Seasonal Message


December is that time of year to pause and reflect. At Humanitas Afrika, we look back to the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of 2012, we reminisce the achievements that stood us tall, we recall the challenges we had to overcome, we remember the hurdles we could not cross and we recollect the criticisms that made us rethink. Above all, we hold dear all those who stood by us and gave us hope, encouragement and support, morally or materially.

Year on year, Humanitas Afrika has grown from strength to strength and the year 2012 has added its own dimension to that progress. The African Information Centre continued to attract readers to the library and provided venue for a wide range of events and activities. We reached out and sourced increased partnerships. We participated in the Africa-Europe Platform 2nd African Diaspora Expert Meeting in Paris and deliberated good practice, Diaspora organisations as development actors and development of a Euro-African support programme amongst other critical issues of concern.

We published good news stories on Africa and contributed insights and perspectives to major developments in the continent. We marked Youth Day and commemorated the lives and works of Wangari Maathai, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and several other African visionaries through film and cinema. In partnership with other organisations and embassies we told the true African story and built cultural bridges between our African residents and our local Czech hosts.

Across the Atlantic in Africa we witnessed the first admission into institutions of higher learning of four children on our long distance adoption programme. Three of them enrolled in universities and one in a teacher training college. In addition, we graduated four girls and three boys who successfully completed a dressmaking project we started in 2008. It is history in the making.

Humanitas Afrika has been able to do all these and many more because of you the sponsors, supporters, sympathisers, volunteers, partners, members and executives as well as our critics. For giving us hope when we buckled, for urging us on in our difficult moments and for lending support when we needed it most. You have rightfully become the heroes and heroines of Humanitas Afrika in 2012.

We trust we can continue to count on your continued goodwill, warm cooperation, constructive criticism and kind support as we open the 2013 chapter in the progress of Humanitas Afrika.

Humanitas Afrika wishes all of you the full blessings of the festive season.

A very happy New Year!

Samwin Banienuba on behalf of Humanitas Afrika team