Big Jambo from all the HHFL kids in Lenana, Kenya


Big Jambo from all the HHFL kids in Lenana, Kenya

High School Graduates from our partner project in Nairobi have recently sent us the following message. Hope you'll enjoy reading the news.

"To all the Humanitas Afrika staff who help us: receive a big Jambo from all the HHFL kids. We think about what you do and what you mean to our well being a lot. We want to take this opportunity to thank you very specially for all you the caring and hard works you do on behalf of the HHFL kids. May God bless you and your families abundantly during this Christmas holiday.  You are always in our prayers.

Lots of good things have been achieved this year and we want to share with you how some of us have excelled and progressed. Benson (Hostel kid, 17 yrs) finished his motor vehicle mechanics course and presently is hoping to start an attachment in January. Francis (hostel, 18yrs) just completed his first year (Car Mechanics) and already has a holiday job. We are all proud of him. Albanus who joined us in 2009 (Form three) was made the library captain in his school. Esther, who was rescued by Mama Hanne after the political clashes of 2008 (Form 2) made it not only to class prefect but is in the top tier of her class. Steve (Form 2) has helped start an Art Club in the project and our new computer teacher, Isaiah, has started a wildlife club with the help of the Kenya Wildlife Trust. Much, much more has happened but this page isn’t long enough to tell all, therefore, one of you will have to come back to visit us so we can fill you in personally. We still remember with fondness Marketa’s visit and can’t thank her enough for spear heading the library initiative, which gave our primary kids amazing new books to read.

2012 has also brought us ten new high school graduates who presently are waiting in great suspense and trepidation for their final results in February. They all have their hearts set on getting into college or university. As you know, last year we had only 3 high school graduates and all of them made it into that category and we are proud to report that they are excelling, as are the 12 technical school kids. Six of our Tiny Tots graduated successfully as well. Some of them are still waiting for sponsorship so they can also go to St. Nicholas. We are also proud to share the joyful news that some of our elder HHFL brothers and sisters have become self reliant and left to start lives of their own. Sisters Lydia and Prisca became certified beauticians and are now earning many shillings and paying for their own rent. Boniface graduated from welding and is now employed, as is Erick, who became a certified mechanic and is now working in Kisumu city.

Life at the project continues at its accelerated pace, especially during holiday times with Mama Hanne reminding us every minute that “Time is Money” and to pick up our pace. That aside, computers remain a much loved favourite as do arts, drama and sports. This year, Teacher Isaiah and Moyra (B.O.D member of HHFL) have been busy organizing wildlife field trips, which we are all hoping to, get a chance to participate in. It has been amazing to us to realize how little we know about our own country and the plight of our animals. The one big negative thing that is happening this year is the terrible flooding we keep on experiencing. Every time it rains, which is frequent right now, the project becomes a swimming pool and the kitchen, dinning hall, library, 1/3 of the yard and Tiny Tots classrooms become unserviceable. Worse still, the water is disgusting because it is contaminated by the latrines. You can see the pictures on the website. This is exactly how it is right now, but we are coping. Mama Hanne is going crazy with the landlords who don’t help at all because they want her to pay!

Your continued support, but especially your caring, means the world to all of us. We, the older ones remember clearly the fact that Humanitas was one of our first donors and thus, making a huge difference in our lives. For that we shall be forever grateful to you. You will be forever in our memories.

We are sending you and all our donors a big, big jambo and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperity and lots of good health for the New Year.

We are thinking of you. Receive many greetings, best wishes for the holiday, many hugs and lots of love from all the HHFL kids. We hope you come back to visit us soon!"

Written by: The 2012 high school graduates