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Become a patron of a child in Africa

diana_akaluba_doma-3_1321996061.jpgMany children in Africa don’t have access to education. Poverty is a major cause of children dropping out of school and not reaching even the basic level of education. Our project aims at improving access to education for children and young people whose parents or guardians don’t have the means to cover the cost of schooling, making it possible for them to develop their capabilities and talent. We work with local schools and community organizations in three countries in Africa.

Reasons to become a patron

  • Right to education is one of the basic human rights
  • When you give a gift of education, the person who receives this gift will become a self-sufficient, responsible, equal member of society.
  • Patron is a person who protects and supports another person in a certain way. In this case, you are helping to keep a young girl or a young boy living in a disadvantage community in Africa in school. You are helping them realize their ambitions, dreams and talent.
  • As a patron you know who and how you are helping and can see and evaluate fruit of your efforts when the child completes a certain level of education.
  • You can involve others to help. Patrons may be also friends or colleagues, school mates, etc.
  • Humanitas Afrika has over ten years of experience in working with the local communities in Africa and has been able to help hundreds of children in three different countries.