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Boundaries and borders barricading African countries into sovereign states as in present day Africa is no doubt a legacy borne out of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Many Africans believe that unrestricted movement of people and goods is a catalyst for accelerated progress and development of the continent. Thus, free movement in Africa for Africans has become a burning desire in the heart of good thinking Africans, especially pan-Africanists, who have made this great issue their mission and vision.

In June this year, the famed editor Baffour Ankomah who is now editor at large of the London-based New African magazine wrote extensively on this important matter in both New African and the US-based Africawatch magazine. His article can be accessed at Humanitas Afrika’s African Information Centre website through the following link:  http://centrum.humanitasafrika.cz/en/index

Humanitas Afrika is an African-Czech and pan-African organisation based in Prague, which works to advance and enhance the interest of the global African family.

The organisation has deemed it necessary and timely to recognise, appreciate, celebrate, and honour African leaders, institutions, and individuals whose policies and initiatives give greater freedom and progress to the African people and advance the course of African unity and development, by instituting an AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE AWARD scheme that recognises, rewards, inspires, motivates and honours African leaders, individuals and institutions whose endeavours enhance greater freedom, development and unity of the African people and the mother continent.