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First-ever AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE AWARD presented to Ghana’s President John Mahama

within the last two years, Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and John Dramani Mahama of Ghana have instituted policies and enacted laws in their respective countries that enhance the African unity project. They have launched commendable visa-on-arrival policies in their respective countries that allow easy access and free movement of Africans into Rwanda and Ghana.

These noteworthy policies have attracted the attention of Humanitas Afrika, which has decided to honour the two presidents with the AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE AWARD as a way of encouraging them to do more and also highlighting their example to the rest of Africa so that the banner they have raised will be emulated by other African presidents and countries.

It was in this context that the head of Humanitas Afrika, Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah, travelled to Ghana recently to present the first ever AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE AWARD to the President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, at the Flagstaff House in Accra, the seat of Ghana’s government.

Kofi Nkrumah presented the award in the company of Mr Baffour Ankomah and his wife Mrs Elizabeth Ankomah (a Zimbabwean national), and Mr Emmanuel Hayford, the coordinator of Humanitas Afrika in Ghana.

President Mahama’s chief of staff, Mr Julius Debrah, received the award on his behalf. Also at the ceremony was Mr Antwi Bosiako, a senior staff member at the presidency.

In addition to the award-citation, Kofi Nkrumah presented to the President a copy of one of Chancellor Williams’ greatest books, The Destruction of Black Civilization which he hoped the President would enjoy immensely. Chancellor Williams was an African American scholar and historian, one of Black America’s best authors and teachers, whose books, and particularly The Destruction of Black Civilization, have opened many eyes in global Africa.

In 2017, the second-ever AFRICAN LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE AWARD would be presented to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.