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Window to Africa

NEWS: On our new Web site launched 31 July 2018 and dedicated to schools, teachers and students, you can find lesson plans and self-study activities and quizzes.


The site can be accessed. at the address www.oknodoafriky.cz

The Website was built with the support of Prague City Hall and EU Funds.



Workshops for schools and extra-curricular activities

What is Adinkra, fu-fu or bantumi? What’s the life of children in an African village like and how different are schools in Africa from our schools? Answer to these and a lot of other questions can be given during our workshops designed for Czech schools and other institutions.


The project was initiated by members of Humanitas Africa who were hoping that thanks to hands-on experience with African culture and through coming into contact with Africans personally, it is possible to prevent or overcome negative feelings and behaviour towards people of different race. The aim of the workshops is to raise the interest of children in life in Africa and teach them to understand the need for solidarity with people living in developing countries in general.

The two- or three-hour programme can include an art workshop, music workshop, film screening and a discussion.

Photos of selected programmes that we have realized are available at the following links:

African Day in Montessori School


At elementary school Základní škola, Praha 8 Libčická 10


Project day at elementary school ZŠ Čimice in 2013


Preschool and Elementary School Barrandov (Prague)


For more information about our programme, email us at edu@humanitasafrika.cz.

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