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We thank our sponsors and partners for their support!

„The personal meetings in Ghana left us with good feeling that there is really a small humanitarian organization in the Czech republic which does a very good work."

Alexandr Bílek, patron of 3 students whom he visited in February 2015 in Ghana (article in Lidove noviny here)


"We support the student patronship because we do cherish the importance of education and are happy that because of our help there is one more student in Ghana. At the same time we we have a good feeling and through letters also possibility to see a different world."

Lenka Horská, high schoolteacher, První české gymnázium v Karlových Varech


„I consider education as a great asset in life. I am excited that my Amina has managed to reach that far."

Vendula Ottisová, patron of student who visited the Czech Republic in October 2015


"When we were deciding together with my ex partner among various charities, the crutial moment was the fact that Humanitas Afrika offers programs for women. It might sound funny but I consider myself a feminist and supporting women in Ghana was one of the main reasons to start contributing financially and later also volunteering for this NGO."

Zdeněk Trinkewitz, patron and volunteer graphic designer


„I truly love Africa, already for many years. My involvement in development cooperation is only a proof of this affection for the African continent and especially for people in Ghana. Thanks to Humanitas Afrika I can at least partially give back what Africa is giving to me and how it has enriched me as a human being."

David Duroň, marketing director, O2 Telefonica