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Socially Responsible Travel to Africa

In this year 2018, Humanitas Afrika is launching its long-standing SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL TO AFRICA initiative of coordinating, from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, interested persons as group travellers to Ghana in West Africa.

Humanitas Afrika is an African-Czech non-governmental organization founded in Prague in 2000. The organization has an 18-years good track record and credibility of promoting understanding, respect, friendship, partnership and development cooperation between the Czech Republic and Africa and by extension between Europe and Africa.

The Socially Responsible Travel to Africa series starting with Ghana is an old dream but a new initiative of Humanitas Africa to bring Czechs and Slovaks closer to Africa. The organization is starting this project for the following reasons:

1. Africa has a lot to offer and that needs to be discovered. It also has a great potential as a partner in trade, tourism, business, education, agriculture, sports and development cooperation to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2. To bring Czechs and Slovaks closer to Africa and to encourage them to choose Africa as one of their travel destinations for holidays and other opportunities.

3. This initiative would create some resources to help sustain the good work of Humanitas Afrika.

4. This initiative would help the tourism and business industries in Africa to create more jobs for the youth so that the youth in Africa could stay and live a decent life in Africa.

5. This project is also to help promote Agro-tourism in Africa

6. For the Czech sponsors of our youth education project in Ghana, this will offer you the opportunity to meet in person the child you have been supporting for many years and witness for yourself the positive contribution you are making to change the child's life.

Our Socially Responsible Travel to Africa Series offer the Czech and Slovak public a good way to travel to Africa for fun and new opportunities and by so doing also to help the work of Humanitas Afrika and the youth in Africa at the same time.

Join the first group that travels to Ghana from 2nd to 19th August 2018.

Check our social media pages for updates on this trip and for your registration and further information please send an email to afrikatravel@humanitasafrika.cz

AKWAABA - Welcome to Ghana