Library Services for Members and Visitors

Borrowing books

You can borrow books to study in the library itself or you can borrow books home after enrolling as a subscriber of the library. There is an annual subscription fee of 200 CZK for adults and 100 CZK for students.

You can borrow a maximum of 2 items for the period of one month. This period can be extended twice in the library itself or by e-mail: knihovna [at] Some items cannot be borrowed home and you are welcome to study these in the library.
To register please make sure you bring your valid ID with you, and if you are a student, a student card.

Library collection

The library collection contains items dealing with the following subjects:

  • African languages and linguistics
  • literature
  • poetry
  • art, film, dance, theatre, music
  • literature for children
  • travel books and travel guides
  • philosophy, sociology, anthropology
  • gender studies
  • health care
  • human rights
  • religion
  • political science
  • culture and tradition
  • war and conflict
  • economics
  • globalization, sustainable development
  • development cooperation, NGOs
  • pan-africanism


Audio-visual materials

  • DVD documentaries, feature films
  • music CDs
  • educational audio-visual materials