Humanitas Afrika Dressmaking Workshop

Humanitas Afrika dressmaking workshop in the rural community of Obom in Ghana has been the only apprenticeship vocational training center in that rural community and surrounding villages for many years.

In 2005, the organization sent Ms. Nikola Hauerova, then a young Czech student volunteer at Humanitas Afrika, as a first-time traveler to Africa with the responsibility and mission to start the dressmaking project at Obom.

Nikola was received by Mr. Joseph Ackon, the organization's coordinator on the ground who was a school teacher at Obom. With the help of Joseph, Nikola managed to gather some interested girls bought a few sewing machines on the local market, and started the dressmaking project under a tree in Obom.

The project grew quickly to attract many young girls and also some boys in the village. In 2008, Humanitas Afrika expanded the project by building this workshop to recruit and train more young people in that rural community.

Humanitas Afrika is the only NGO working in this village community since 2001. It has supported many disadvantaged children to finish formal education, some to the university level who now found jobs and living a decent life.

The dressmaking workshop which started nearly 20 years ago, has trained and changed the lives for the better of many girls and boys in Obom and surrounding villages. The dressmaking project offers vocational training and alternative opportunities for those who could not go through the formal educational system.

There are no companies offering jobs and no institutions providing training and skills to the youth in Obom. The charitable work of Humanitas Afrika and the dressmaking project for many years have been the source of hope and escape from poverty for many of the young people in the Obom community and nearby villages.

Every year there is a certificate ceremony and a fashion show of clothes from our workshop.