Resources for Teachers

Africa is a vast, multi-cultural continent with a total area larger than the United States, Europe, and India all put together and it is the second largest continent in the world. Throughout centuries it has been enriching the whole world with its art, labour, cultural as well as mineral wealth. The fact that the first traces of human existence are to be found on the African continent may be regarded as of utmost importance in the development of humankind. The first members of the human race lived there millions of years ago.

People who lived on the African continent for centuries created a culture rich and diverse, just as those anywhere else in the world. Books in our library collection will help you get to know African culture and better understand the local population, their relationships, customs, faith, etc. Our books may provide insight into the geographical, historical, linguistic and religious uniqueness of the individual regions in Africa. Make the African Information Centre your window to the African continent!

Try to make Africa and global issues part of history, geography, arts, literature, language classes, incorporate it in the introduction on social sciences.

How can AIC assist teachers and students?

  • We lend books or AV materials you need for your class,

  • We can organize a workshop or a discussion/screening session either at your school, or at the centre itself after prior personal arrangement.

Resources for pre-school and basic schools

For little readers we offer illustrated books and other materials designed specifically for this age group.

  • Fairytales and folktales

  • Illustrated books for children

  • Art & Craft

  • Music

Resources for secondary schools

The list of items suitable for secondary school students or teachers which can be used in the class.

  • Literature of the English speaking African countries

  • Social sciences

  • History / Geography

  • Linguistics

  • Art & Craft

  • Music

  • Films and videos

Lesson plans and worksheets for the classroom

We offer a handful of lesson plans and worksheets prepared by our lecturers for use in the classroom.  These documents are available to download and print

  • African games (CZ)

  • Everyday life in Congo (CZ)

  • A lesson of African cuisine (CZ)

  • Literary workshop for primary school (CZ)

  • Literary workshop for middle school (CZ)

  • Let's discover the map of Africa (CZ)

  • Adinkra art workshop (CZ)

  • Life in Ghana countryside (CZ)


These worksheets and lesson plans were developed within the project  “Your window to Africa - African afternoons in schools” (2016-2018, Project Nr : CZ.07.4.68/0.0/0.0/15_005/0000060

Funded by the Prague City Hall and co-funded by the European Union.